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A Vibrant Addition to Birdcage: Celebrating Brandon Alxndr's New Mural

We’re excited to announce the latest captivating artwork on our property - a stunning mural created by the talented local artist, Brandon Alxndr. This vibrant new mural can be found on the back side of Pet Food Express, right off Sunrise Blvd in Citrus Heights.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Brandon Alxndr to gain insight into his creative process, inspiration, and the story behind this remarkable mural.

Brandon shared, "It was a group effort to come up with the identity of the mural. Essentially, we wanted this piece to be an invitation. It’s right off of Sunrise and Greenback, so it’s a busy intersection and it’s right at the entrance. So we wanted people to feel welcomed and we wanted something lively that not only spoke to the community but also to the branding of the plaza and the business that it’s on."

When asked what he hopes people will take away from the mural, Brandon explained, "This piece is all about the feel. We want this piece to feel good as you're driving down Sunrise to the main intersection, right at the entrance. We just want to inspire a good euphoric feeling as you're driving by."

Brandon Alxndr is no stranger to the Citrus Heights and Sacramento area. "I grew up in Sacramento. Birdcage has been here a long time and I’ve seen this place growing up so to be able to actually put my imprint on it now is pretty cool," he shared.

His journey into mural painting began during his senior year of high school. Reflecting on those days, he shared, "I got into mural painting my senior year of high school. It was my senior project to graduate. I worked on a team with about four other artists. We never painted a mural before and I believe it’s still standing at Natomas High School. That taught me a lot about the process and about collaboration, which is a big part of doing commercial murals now and being able to find the commonality in design. I didn’t know it at the time but it shaped a lot of what I’m doing today."

We’re honored to have Brandon’s unique masterpiece on our property, inviting everyone to experience the joy, vibrancy, and beauty it brings to the heart of Citrus Heights and the local community.

Vibrant mural of a field featuring trees, mountains, sunflowers, dogs, and big blue bird.

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