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Local Artists Bring Community Pride to Citrus Heights

Marketplace at Birdcage Showcases Local Artists in Partnership with the Wide Open Walls Mural Festival. May 2022, Citrus Heights, CA.

Wide Open Walls (WOW) is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to promote and celebrate public art. WOW hosted its first Mural Festival in 2016 as an innovative way to activate spaces in alleyways and buildings throughout Sacramento. Today, Wide Open Walls promotes ‘Art for All’ through diverse artistic expression. With over 80 permanent and 250 temporary works, WOW has brought public art to underserved neighborhoods to build pride, identity, and economic growth in communities.

It comes as no surprise that WOW selected artists Jolene (@joleneroserussell) and Rachel (@oliandbaz) to represent their values at Marketplace at Birdcage. Maintaining WOW’s mission of instilling community pride, Jolene utilized color to bring her vision to life, sharing, “Citrus Heights always reminds me of juicy oranges, and orange itself is such a joyful color. I included the bees to symbolize community, industry, and teamwork.”

WOW believes that art is an integral part of the human experience, and it can be used to empower, inspire, and transform lives. They believe art should be a part of daily life and be made accessible to a broad audience.

“In high school, I learned about street painting, and every summer, I would create an oversized chalk ‘mural’ on the pavement at a local art festival. I loved working big and wanted to start creating large works of art that were permanent since the chalk art was temporary. I have been painting murals for eight years, and my favorite part is that working publicly allows the viewer to see the process and engage with the artist,” Jolene shared.

You can view Jolene’s mural on the rear of the Verizon and Jamba building and Rachel’s in the alley and arch next to Bath and Body Works.

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