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New Activities, New Contests, and Virus Updates

Hello Community Neighbors!

While we miss seeing your happy faces at Marketplace at Birdcage, we have been determined to provide some additional, free and fun items for you to do online, without having to ever leave home.

Within the last couple of weeks, we have been adding activities posted at the Marketplace at Birdcage Facebook Page, and we will continue to add new activities until all merchants and services are fully opened again at the Center.

The new activities will range in skill from the simplest form starting with the downloading of the page provided, printing as many copies as you would like, and then providing to children to color – to activities requiring better reading/spelling skills.

You are most welcome to post your child with their finished piece on Facebook, just the finished colored piece alone, or nothing at all. Posting anything is not mandatory for any of the provided activities, which can also be found at the new ACTIVITIES PAGE herewith, at the Marketplace at Birdcage website.

We have recently added contests to the Marketplace At Birdcage Facebook page, with the winner receiving a gift card for Walmart and other merchants that are currently open. All details regarding the ongoing contests, can be found on the new CONTESTS PAGE here on the website.

Updates on the Coronavirus / COVID-19 will be posted here in the NEWS PAGE. While we’re all interested in the big picture of how many affected people there are around the world, as well as our country, our updates will concentrate on local area only. We are using the updated information from Sacramento County so that you have a better idea of what is happening with the virus in our own back yard.

Lastly, we just got notice of a ‘new thing’ people around our country are doing in the spirit of fun and comradely. People are going outside to their front yards, exactly at 8pm every night, and ‘howling at the moon!’ The sounds wafting through our residential communities are not only light-hearted, but better yet, it serves to let you and your family know… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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