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This is the page you’ll want to check out for the various rules, regulations, disclaimers and more. Unless otherwise indicated, this information is valid for all contests run on and/or our Facebook Page.

Will you be a winner?

  • Contests are available to anyone 18 and older, unless the contest disclaimer on the instructions indicates a different age requirement.

  • One (1) entry, per person, please.

  • All posted contests will be interactive, requiring entrant to respond to the question with a posted answer on the same Facebook page, and under the Contest posting header if possible.


  • You can share and/or invite anyone you know to participate once as well.


  • Contest dates will be noted for each contest, as well as the date that each winner will be announced. Contest duration time, will vary, but generally will be 10 – 14 days.


  • Everyone who posts an answer is automatically entered into our random drawing of all those who participated.


  • The prize for each contest will also be posted in the original Facebook Contest information header, along with information on when the Contests ends, and who the winner is, for every contest.


  • Prizes for current Contests are in the form of Walmart Gift Cards at a value of $100. The merchants for the winning Gift Cards are all currently open. However, if any should close due to COVID-19, the gift cards remain valid and have no expiration date. Merchant Gift Cards are not exchangeable for cash and are good at any related merchant location (Although we would love for you to use them at Marketplace at Birdcage!) You may use them as soon as they arrive.


  • If you are chosen as a winner for any of our contests, we will reach out to you in a private message to acquire your mailing address to mail your merchant gift card.


  • If you have any questions regarding our Citrus Town Center Contests, please contact or Hall Market Media, Inc. at 916-903-7076.



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